We are an accredited agent and dealer for the following brands.

We can help you with sales, installation and support on selected products from these brands.

We are proud to say we can guide you in making the right choices in getting the best from the DEQX HDP products, Legend Tikandi systems or your existing system. To this end matching the Marantz Reference SACD players or your own CD player with a DEQX HDP unit produces a stunning result that can bring the best out of both components for CD, SACD or hi-res playback.

We believe that, although important, the choice of components is just the first step to allow a system to reach it's full potential. In our opinion running fully active speakers controlled by a DEQX HDP-4 is the best way to go. We highly recommend an audition of the stunning Legend Tikandi System— you will not be disappointed!

Of course, we're not just about audio we like our Home Theatre as well and to this end we are very proud to add the Australian Oz Theatre Screens range of products to our product stable. These screens represent outstanding value and in our opinion easily out compete the big name players in the industry.

Don't just take our word on these products come and see or hear the difference for yourself!

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